Sad truth is that a lot of people really struggle with their productivity and general organisation so whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee or student of any sort then this applies to you.

Be Selfish with Your Sleep

This is a biggy, see when we are sleep deprived our focus, attention and vigilance drift out the window making the reception of information or learning more difficult. Add to that muscular fatigue, increased levels of cortisol and an impaired ability to make decisions and you’ll quickly realise that you need to be selfish with your sleep. Those eight hours are important set a “lights off,” time and stick to it!


This more or less goes without saying but just get out into the world and MOVE. I’m not talking about serious exercise here. Yes throwing down a Crossfit WOD on a daily basis would be great but not all of us are inclined to put our bodies through such punishment and most just don’t have the time.. What you can do though is to go for a 10 minute walk or do 50 jumping jacks. Exercise is vital to the concentration process as it oxygenates the brain, it also facilitates the release of several neurotransmitters including Dopamine, the feel good hormone that helps with concentration.

Eliminate Distractions

So sitting down to study is one thing, however when you’re surrounded by your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, Ipod, heck even the kitchen fridge, well that’s when things become just a tad more difficult to get done. With that in mind I’m going to share my routine, it works for me and you’ll probably find a few things you can take, adapt and put into your own system.

  1. Before sitting down to work I make sure that I’ve eaten and that I have a bottle water on the ready.
  2. Most of my work is done here on my Mac so I close my email program, bring up MS Word and hide any applications that may distract me.
  3. I generally leave my phone on in case I receive an important call, however I mute my Whatsapp app and ignore all text messages.
  4. Every half hour I’ll take a walk round the school or do 3 pull ups using the door lintel.
  5. Then, regardless of whether I’m listening to music or not I like to work with a pair of ear phones in my ears. I find people are less likely to interrupt you if you have your ears plugged .
  6. That’s more or less it, I do find that I can only work a maximum of 3 hours at a stretch with our needing a proper break. I also find sitting really tedious so to liven things up I alternate between standing and sitting on an exercise ball, (as well as normal chair), while I work.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Seriously it really does you no good to work alone all day long, (unless you’re a serious introvert). Working with people aids in the creative process and helps you stay motivated. Lunch time is another perfect opportunity to mingle; like that pretty girl, (or guy) in the cubicle next to you? Well ask her out for a drink, unless you’re married, then maybe not :-(. Research has shown that talking to a person of the opposite sex, whom you find attractive, has a seriously positive effect on productivity and self-esteem. Of course your choices aren’t just limited to these two ideas, you can go for a lunch time run or watch part of a film on your laptop, heck whatever floats your boat. The take away? Enjoy your Days!

Okay so that’s it for part 1, we’ll have part 2 out in a few days..