Capulum College is about more than profits. We are about change and we believe in what the late Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

We'd love to support every one but the hard truth is that we can't. We're a business and like everyone else we have a certain quota of pro bono work; ours has been met for 2016.

As such we are looking for funding from individuals and companies who are willing and able to support a child in need.

Be the change you want to see in the world; fund a child. Change a life.


Brian Miya is a bright kid and he comes from a stable, loving, family. He started with us, at Capulum College, at the beginning of 2015. He has a love of for sports and wants to study medicine after matriculating at the end of 2018. Unfortunately Brian battles with reading and comprehension issues as well and receptive and expressive language difficulties.  Throughout the year he has shown progress in his academic schooling. Brian excels in weekly bootcamp style fitness sessions that are held at the Capulum College.


Kwanele Mkhize has been with us since the beginning of the year, 2015. Whilst he first comes over as being shy and withdrawn, Kwanele is a genuine young man who has a passion for rapping and music in general. Like Brian, Kwanele struggles with reading as well as comprehension and whilst he is improving, Kwanele still has issues with receptive and expressive language.

Kwanele comes from a single parent, albeit loving, family where he has a supportive mother and sister.

Manelisi Zuma is a young man of 15, he has an above average IQ of 120. However, Manelisi is illiterate.

As a young child there were no signs of any difficulties and all his milestones were met. Through Grades 1 and 2, his progress was slow and he repeated his 2nd year. Manelisi comes from an intact family but without the means to send him to Capulum College he will never be able to meet his full potential. He enjoys working with animals and loves to ride his horse.

With his IQ levels, he will be in a position to study at a tertiary level, once he has become literate and gained a matric.


Nokwanda Mchunu has been at Capulum College since 2013. 

Like a lot of the other children at Capulum College, Noks, (Nokwanda), initially presented with reading difficulties, comprehension problems as well as receptive and expressive language difficulties.

Nokwanda comes from a single parent household and while she currently has a sponsor, she is only able to pay Capulum College a portion of the school fees required.

Noks is an open, playful child who is in real need of remedial intervention. She has the potential to complete her schooling successfully and continue into tertiary education.


Nomfundo Luthuli is currently a student at Peter Pan School for the Mentally Challenged, her parents are looking at enrolling her in Capulum College starting in 2016.

Nomfundo initially presented with reading difficulties, comprehension problems and receptive and expressive language difficulties. She also appears to struggle with Dyslexia however there has been no confirmation of this as Nomfundo has had no complete assessment done.

Nomfundo is, sadly, an orphan and her guardian is unable to afford her school fees. Nomfundo has expressed the desire to complete her education and to get her Matric.

If you are in a position to fund any of these children please email Tracey at